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My parents actually almost named me Shelby. But then they realised that my name would have been Shelby Swift and that kids might make fun of me. Shelby Swift‒ like ‘She’ll-be Swift. And then like, what if I wasn’t a fast runner? They would’ve been like “well she’s not.”

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"It’s not your job to try and make people like you if they don’t want to. and some people are going to be mean to you no matter what you do, no matter how hard you try and I think the best thing to do is try to figure out how you can let it go and not carry that around with you."

—Taylor Swift, Berlin 07/02/2014 before Mean (via muchsweeterthanfiction)

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"… always rub honey into wounds instead of salt."

—Meggie Royer, Writings For Winter (via danbennett)

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Mom: ' well you need to call them and ask.'
Me: I dont think you understand how much i cannot do that.

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I just want a boy to bring me hydrangeas and chocolate chip cookies

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"I’m just sitting here watching all the chaos happening, thinking to myself, “well I guess they finally cracked” Is this Taylor related ? Did something happen ??? I'm sorry i'm lost haha

yeah. people went crazy acussing others of knowing the album title earlier and all the chaos started because of a text post that wasn’t even sourced.

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