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honestly the most beautiful thing i’ve ever read

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Yesterday my 10th grade math teacher came into Krispy Kreme and I had the hardest time figuring out his change and he asked me if I was still taking math and I told him I wasn’t and that I sucked at math and that was embarassing, especially since I proved how much I suck. And today I woke up at 9am, texted Sarah for half an hour, and then fell back asleep until 1pm, so that shows how life has been lately. Tiring and busy, but mostly tiring. I don’t know, I mean I solved some problems. I guess life is less stressful now that I decided to make do going to the school nearby next year. So now Sarah H. and I will be roomies next year. We planned it all out, we even almost decided on a place. And life shall be fun and exciting them, probably more stressful, but still exciting. I hope. I know what I’ll decorate it like though. I’ve known for like a year. I’ve literally been planning on pinterest what my dorm/room/apartment will look like when I move out and I’m so excited. And yesterday I spent the first half of my time at work giving away shifts I can’t work and Jacob was a dear sweet who took all the turns I didn’t want and now I don’t work on the day of the ingrid michaelson show or the night of prom, not that I’ll need that, but I might. Oh and Sarah got hired for real now and we’ll work together, but not her first week because I took that whole week off. And you know, for the most part, I’m okay. I could be better, but actually, I’m not that bad.

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you're so pretty omg

you’re the sweetest! thank you. <3

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Anthro got boring yesterday, so I resorted to fishtail-braiding my hair and taking selfies. And then I forgot about said selfies, until now of course. 🙌💁

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“There are two ways you can go with pain: You can let it destroy you or you can use it as fuel to drive you; to dream bigger & to work harder.” ― Taylor Swift

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There is a tendency to want to get thick-skinned. There is a tendency to block out negative things, because they really hurt. But if I stop feeling pain, then I’m afraid I’ll stop feeling immense excitement and epic celebration and happiness. I can’t stop feeling those things, so I feel everything. And that keeps me who I am.

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Taylor Swift for Rolling Stone magazine (HQ untagged)

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