Whereas the last few days were hideous, tomorrow will be perfect.

That trip was really the worst one I’ve ever been to. I told you guys a little about it, but I didn’t even get to tell you the worst since the one really annoying girl kept getting on my laptop and I didn’t want to start trouble. her name was Kristee and she’s one of Elise’s really close friends. As a matter of fact, she also met Taylor on September 28. Anyway, so I’ll begin with the details. Well, before all the cat fights and drama took place there was the horrendous four hour road trip. In short, everyone was carsick, including myself. It was a really bumpy ride and none of us brought water, plus half the people had to go to the bathroom and the driver refused to stop. Will fell asleep, so we took turns drawing on his face with a red marker. That was actually fun. One of the rare good moments. So we got to the town and it was tiny as heck. We arrived at the hotel and it smelled awful and was rather chilly. I was assigned to stay with Angie and Clarissa. I have nothing against Clarissa and Angie is okay. She’s kind of boring and she’s really serious, but it wasn’t a real issue. We went to Elise’s room and watched tv for like an hour and then we headed off to lunch. We had Panda Express and half the people were sick afterwards, except for me, Elise, and Kristee. I don’t even know why, so then Angie and Clarissa left and I went with Kristee and Elise to Target. okay, so Kristee is freaking judgemental. I would pick something up, like candy or grapefruit and she’d be like “that’s so gross!” or “eww, that’s so unhealthy” or whatever. I was bugged by then. So we went back to the hotel and I went back to my room. Angie and Clarissa were sleeping at 6, so I watched tv for hours until they woke up and we stayed up for like another hour. Some time after waking up Angie and Clarissa left, so I had a pleasant conversation with Kenadee, who happens to be wonderful at giving advice. Wednesday was the worst day though. I woke up early, presented my event and I headed back to my room in time for lunch. Clarissa and Angie were sleeping and they weren’t going to eat, so I went to Kenadee and Jordyn’s room and they had just ran out of food, so I was heading back to my room when Elise called me over to have lunch with them. Kristee was on the phone, so I had a wonderful conversation with Elise. We went to Jamba Juice. How I regret that trip. So we were walking to the place, which was a block away, while Kristee went on and on about how much she likes Will and how she’s worried he hates her. He loves her, I don’t even know what she’s talking about. I’ve personally talked to him before and I know he does. Well, we ordered smoothies and I really liked mine. On our way back I was just daydreaming while Kristee went on about Will, little did I know there was a sidewalk in front of me, thus I fell flat on my face and punctured a hole in my cup. So my smoothie was leaking all the way to the door and it got all over my leg. I was so embarrassed. Did I mention that Kristee is a huge gossip? She spends so much time talking bad about people from school and so I was paranoid that they were laughing at me the entire time. Well, when I got back Angie was still sleeping, but Clarissa was awake, so we all headed to Elise and Kristee’s room. There they talked for a long time, while I sat in the corner observing. I just didn’t have anything to say. All they do is complain. Kenadee, oh my gosh, she would not stop whining. All she did on Wednesday was whine and complain because we were going to have dinner at Olive Garden. She refused to go and she would take it all out on Elise and Jordyn. It was insane how angry she was. Even the teacher was annoyed. So after more complaining from Kristee, Elise and her fell asleep, so I listened to Taylor music to the point where Rachel and Kylie yelled at me, so Kristee woke up and she liked it, so we were fine for a second. Except, Kristee never stops complaining, so she woke up Elise to whine to her about how weird she sleeps. I mean, who cares. I was annoyed, as you can tell. That afternoon we went to two more meetings, both of which were too long so we got to dinner late. I’ll write about that tomorrow since my mom is coming in a minute.

Anyway, tomorrow I’m going to a Hunger Games themed party all afternoon and then I’m heading to the movies to see the movie at 10:20, but I’m going to be there at 8:30 since that’s when the party ends. I’m thinking it will be so much fun! I’m so excited to wear my outfit to school tomorrow.

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